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Venus During The Coronavirus

Venus began its transit through the constellation of Gemini on April 3, 2020, and will continue until August 7, 2020. Along with the ideas of friendliness and warm communications during this transit, let’s give some thought to what this combination can also bring to us during this time of social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Consider the possibility that creative communications within existing romantic relationships will *deepen* bonds during this world-wide health crisis (versus the oft-shallow feelings expressed and experienced when Gemini is being transited by a different planet or by a luminary; i.e., the Sun and Moon). 

Being lighthearted in our give and take/communications with friends, and maintaining irreplaceable “oneness” through various means with loved ones, may be the keys to continuing emotional fulfillment during this time of heightened fears of loss. Remember, this is a “transit” through relationships — not necessarily a beginning or an end to our closest relationships.