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Personal Services

Requested price quotes are given within a dollar/time range. 
Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote on the information you
think you actually need from your birth (natal) chart.

There’s never an additional charge for clarification of a Reading or Report prepared for you.

Energy Influences 
Author: Swimming In Your Brain
(Purchase a Signed Copy from Home Page)


 Retainer, as agreed ($100 Monthly Minimum)

Mapping Your Being: Natal Chart: (Adult) $275 (Child) $175
       Exploration and Discussion of Internal Patterns
            (in person, by telephone, or Skype):
       Discovering and 
learning about your (and/or your child’s)
            Inner World – Innate Gifts, Opportunities, Challenges

Solar Return Chart
: $275  Planning your birthday vacation to somewhere 
       in the world (or your stay-cation
) for the Energy Influences you want
       to experience between this and your next birthday

The Inner Guide Meditation (IGM) Initiation:  
       $90/hour (plus travel expenses)
       There is no charge for a clarifying follow-up
            to the Initiation (by Telephone or Skype).

      IGM Initiation Workbook following your Initiation into the IGM.  
      It is specifically designed for your personal use:

     Additional IGM learning:  $90/Hour or $27/15 Minutes
          (in Person or by Skype or Telephone)
     Ed’s Book: The Inner Guide Meditation – A Technology for the 21st Century 

Specialty Charts
(Quoted According to the Requested Chart Subject)
      Synastry (for couples)/Wedding chart/Baby chart
           e.g., Natal/Career; Natal/Relationships

Astrocartography (astrologically comparing up to  
      three locations you’re considering for a move): $300

Best Dates (a Great Planning Tool): starting at $25 for each topic or event

Personal Transits – Propitious Timing for Your Year: $270-$360

Personal Void of Course Moon Transits
     (specific dates/times not to take action):
(1 year)/$25 (one month)

Kidz Keepsakes (Personalized Astrological Storybook for ages 7 and up.)
      Priced by age, starting at $54

I Ching (Ancient Chinese Wisdom on any personal question): $55 each
     (in Person or by Telephone or Skype)

Numerology: $100 Printed Reading or $55 an hour minimum
     (for an In-Person Reading or Telephone Reading or by Skype) 

Party Favors – Numerology Name Profiles: $15 each
     (Please allow a week for preparation of 50 profiles.)

                                                                    Thank you!
                                                                    Elle Simon