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Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries, May 27, 2010 to August 13, 2010, and again March 11, 2011 to May 16, 2018, and yet again November 6, 2018 to March 7, 2019.

The entire URANUS cycle (moving through each Zodiacal sign) takes 84 years — it remains in one Zodiacal sign for approximately 8 years, including periods of retrograde. Uranus transiting one’s Sun Sign can mean periods of shocking events and/or change, radical shifts, sheer genius and freedom and/or periods of tremendous instability and undesirable change. People usually “freak out” and are IMpatient and UNpredictable; circumstances are often shocking, UNstable and UNreliable (unless, of course, one EXPECTS the UNexpected).

Aries: BRACE YOURSELF!. Some will be inspired to sheer genius — others will try to maintain the status quo. Forget that!

Uranus in Aries strongly indicates “Aggression!” Whether there is personal or collective aggression, some type of “war” (or rebellion) is waged, and, unless one takes visionary (or at least preventative) action to protect against such aggression, or quickly respond with more intelligent action than that of the aggressor, the Aries part of our Natal Chart is at risk of failure (or at least put at a distinct disadvantage) — big time! (Neptune in Pisces, starting April 4, 2011, may temper some of the aggression.)

Whereas Uranus in Pisces related to water and oil disasters, Uranus in Aries, is, among other things, related to the escalation of tensions at every level and shocking REactions. The effects of the escalation must be quickly addressed to the extent we can constructively shift aggression by taking the initiative to make radical changes in response to sudden shocking developments/issues with pioneering/innovative solutions or inventions, or consciously seeking greater freedom and autonomy with courage and ingenuity. Interpersonally, one key will be to at least “stay conscious” of one’s own eccentricities and impulsive disruptive actions.

Along with the possibility of revolutionary ideas and discoveries, we can

COUNT ON shocking events, rebellion, taking UNusual action in response and generally with one foot in the past and the other in the future. EXPECT our entire environment to seem UNstable and erratic with detours, reversals, and, ultimately (within 8 years!), new beginnings of a very UNexpected nature.

The transit of Uranus in Aries moving through other planets and the luminaries greatly affects our ability to USE opportunities to more easily understand and advantageously respond to the challenges they collectively will also bring. Knowing our personal transits greatly assists planning and in using the general transits.

Obviously, in whatever House(s) we find Aries in the birth chart, is the House most affected by any planet transiting Aries. However, the degree of Aries on the House cusp — or the degree of Aries being transited by a planet or luminary, for that matter — is very important, because one is impacted by the orb (closeness) to those degrees in one’s birth chart.

If you wish to have a personal Reading of the likely effect of Uranus in Aries on your Natal Chart, please email your birthdate, time, and place to me with your telephone number (required) at I will respond as soon as possible. (Please note: the analysis would be included in the overall interpretation of your birth chart, the cost of which is indicated on the Personal Services page of this site.  Also, other than husband and wife, I interpret charts of family members and friends only with the permission of each individual, or, in the case of a newborn, with the permission of one of the parents.) All Readings are confidential.