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Uranus in Taurus


Uranus in Taurus begins March 7, 2019, to Uranus in Gemini on or about May 1, 2026. During those years, Uranus will alternate between Stationary Direct (SD) and Retrograde on or about the following dates: SD until August 15, 2020; then, Retrograde until January 15, 2021; then, SD to August 20, 2021; then, Retrograde until January 18, 2022; then SD August 24, 2022; Retrograde then until January 21, 2023; SD from then to Retrograde on August 29, 2023; January 27, 2024, Uranus is SD until it goes Retrograde on September 1, 2024, to SD on January 31, 2025; Retrograde, September 6, 2025, to SD on February 4, 2026.

The entire URANUS cycle (moving through each Zodiacal sign) takes 84 years — it remains in one Zodiacal sign for approximately 8 years, including periods of retrograde. Uranus transiting one’s Sun Sign can mean periods of shocking events and/or change, radical shifts, sheer genius and freedom and/or periods of tremendous instability and undesirable change. People usually “freak out” and are IMpatient and UNpredictable; circumstances are often shocking, UNstable and UNreliable (unless, of course, one EXPECTS the UNexpected).

URANUS IN TAURUS: NO LAZY DAYS !  With the great shaker-upper *Uranus* in the down-to-Earth-sign of Taurus influencing how we spend every dollar and every minute of our time, we have to stay super-conscious of *shocking* and *unexpected* events out of our control! That means, we have to be ready to change our thinking in a nano-second, be even *more* cautious with our money, and triple check our basic premise before deciding matters of buying and selling, making commitments, and our expectations about the outcome of anything in which we invest our time and money – let alone our “emotional” capital.

What might this portend for our planet Earth – let alone humans on planet Earth? We’ve had warnings of catastrophic changes on Earth by 2021 unless we make catastrophic changes to our use of all its resources and our stewardship of this beautiful planet.

Listed below are myriad possibilities upon which we should each and all consider our personal affect and effectiveness toward radical change. Using these keywords of what can and may occur, question what “you” can do to protect Earth beyond your own life expectancy. What useful, unique, and practical radical ideas do these keywords conjure in your mind? By what means or medium can your own ideas be implemented?

  1. Coral reefs
  2. Cows (pasture, housing, butchering, eating)
  3. Pigs (housing, butchering, eating)
  4. Fishing – over-fishing
  5. Copper mining
  6. How we earn money and how wisely we spend it, including conservation-oriented contributions
  7. Wheat fields and how we harvest wheat
  8. Corn: how we grow it and harvest it
  9. Farming – methods, pesticides used
  10. Trees – planting, cutting them down/clear-cutting
  11. Gluttony
  12. Bullying
  13. Landscaping
  14. Alcoholism
  15. Obesity
  16. Diabetes
  17. Greater kindness toward one another and all creatures.
  18. Our possessions and the materials from which they are mass-produced
  19. Our possessions and what we do with them when we no longer want them
  20. The Sea and what we put into all the oceans of the world that kills sea life instead of feeding sea life
  21. Population controls
  22. Air conditioning units, the materials used, and how they are produced
  23. Pollution of every kind – even gum wrappings thrown on the street
  24. Automobiles
  25. Trucks
  26. Steel – its use and how it’s discarded
  27. Diesel fuel
  28. Gasoline
  29. Electricity and its generators
  30. Airplanes
  31. Ships fecal waste at sea
  32. Batteries and their disposal
  33. Disposal of medications no longer in use
  34. Chemicals used in our water
  35. Carbon emissions
  36. Solar Panels
  37. Hydroelectric power
  38. Photographic negatives/film and their disposal
  39. Pyrotechnics
  40. Plastics in every form and their disposal
  41. Toilet paper – used
  42. Sewer systems

If you wish to have a personal Reading of the likely effect of Uranus in Taurus on your Natal Chart, please email your birthdate, time, and place to me with your telephone number (required) at I will respond as soon as possible. (Please note: the analysis would be included in the overall interpretation of your birth chart, the cost of which is indicated on the Personal Services page of this site.  Also, other than husband and wife, I interpret charts of family members and friends only with the permission of each individual, or, in the case of a newborn or other minor children, with the permission of one of the parents.) All Readings are confidential.