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Annular Eclipse of the Sun on June 20/21, 2020

Annular Eclipse of the Cancer Sun
June 20, 2020, 11:41P PT
June 21, 2020, 2:41A ET

(This Annular Solar Eclipse also impacts the USA inasmuch as the Declaration of Independence was signed under a Cancer Sun on or about July 2, 1776.)

Astrologically, though not as major as a Total Solar Eclipse, the effects of the Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020, can be assessed in the House of your birth chart where 0° Cancer 21′ is found.  This House is being “inspected”/”reviewed” for how well you’ve done in that area of your life since the Total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019.  

This area of your personal life/birth chart is no doubt screaming for attention if there are unresolved issues or a crisis. This is the area of your life in which there’s a need to expand or adjust the “space” you currently occupy: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, according to the Energy Influences of the Sign of Cancer in your birth chart. Broadly speaking, the Sign of Cancer relates to one’s family relationships, as well as one’s home/homelife environment, nutrition/nourishment (physical and emotional), food, digestive organs/stomach, caretaking matters, housekeeping issues, chest and/or breast health, pancreatic health, water retention, water closets/pipes,

The effects (glare) of this Annular Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer 21′ will be with us (and piled on) until the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020. At that Total Solar Eclipse, we must expect *massive* changes in the House and Sign of 23° Sagittarius 08′ where the Total Solar Eclipse will occur– especially if we have not already implemented necessary changes!  I invite you to contact me regarding how you might handle this “review/test” of your actions relative to the area of life to prepare for the December Total Solar Eclipse.  or

Psychologically, we can “use” the effects of this Annular Eclipse to see/correct where we are most likely to experience “problems” during the year between June 20 and December 14, 2020, and must expect considerable life changes in the Sign and House where the Annular Solar Eclipse occurs — especially if we have not already implemented necessary changes! 

The energy of the opposite House of Capricorn can be helpful in resolving any “crisis” there may be in the Cancer House.  We are likely to be specifically tested between June 20/21 and December 14, 2020, through a “public” response to action(s) taken since the “crisis” of the December 26,  2019, Annular Solar Eclipse.

The effects (glare) of this Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer 21′ will be with us (and piled on) until the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020, which will be in the House carrying 23º Sagittarius 08′.

For a solar eclipse to occur the Sun and Moon must be conjunct — occupying the same place in space (as in this case) — or opposite the Sun Sign at the time of the Eclipse.  The term designated for the Moon, at the time of the Eclipse, is the New Moon. While it does not mean we have a solar eclipse at every New Moon, we cannot have a solar eclipse without a New Moon. The magnetic pull of the Sun and Moon eclipsing the Earth is strong enough for the Earth to receive the Energy of the Sun sign in which the solar eclipse occurs.  This, then, is the Energy of the collective UNconscious that needs active expression on Earth through people born under the sign of the Eclipse (in this case Cancer), as their responsibility to the collective whole.

On Earth and at a mundane level, of course, a Solar Eclipse affects weather patterns, as well.  Under the Annular Solar Eclipse in Cancer — being a Water Sign — there are likely to be significant oceanic events and/or changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, catastrophes on Earth; such as, the Coronovirus pandemic (due to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, also Earth Signs) and, at a mundane level, changes at the governmental level are likely in 2020.

There is more to teach at a personal level under this Solar Eclipse, and there is greater awareness to gain for all Sun Signs.  Should you wish to have a more specific Reading as to the effects of this Annular Solar Eclipse on your birth chart, regardless of your Sun Sign, I will look forward to being of service. Also, should you wish to prepare for the December Total Solar Eclipse, I invite you to contact me.: or   Journey with utmost caution, my friends.