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Pluto in Capricorn

PlutoDancing on Pessimism Pluto in Capricorn November 27, 2008, to March 23, 2023, and after a bump into Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn will do its final act from June 10, 2023, until January 20, 2024. First, let’s review the emphasis Capricorn and Pluto each bring wherever they are posited in one’s natal chart. *Capricorn* indications bring greater focus on social order, materialism, economic power — or at least economic security, diplomacy, personal responsibility and social responsibility, discipline, ambition, self-determination/actualizing one’s goals through personal effort, abilities, and desires (using the ways and means proscribed by society, reliability, ambition — sometimes “blind” ambition; at other times, slow, inexorable achievement), the calculated use of all resources, calculated risks (though not usually where resources are limited), practicality, maturity, sometimes self-serving rationality — rarely for the good of all, fear and/or pessimism are generally used as a “reality check,” control issues (ego control vs. direction control — usually due to fear or greed), organization, prestige, social climbing, and delays — generally due to caution.

Capricorn brings greater interest in classic automobiles and antiques; money “talks” more than ever; “time” and its use is more relevant and important; “what can you do for me” vs. what I can do for you in mere service; conservation; individuality vs. how does society “allow” me to achieve; less experimentation; absent-mindedness; greater emphasis on duty and obligation on the one hand but “using” others to climb the ladder to status is huge; and the most popular colors are likely to be beige and gray or otherwise muted.

Health-wise, Capricorn individuals usually “eat to live” as opposed to “living to eat.” If there is a propensity for being absent-minded — look out! It will be magnified beyond “control1” Otherwise, Capricorn is most closely associated with our bone structure, especially knees and teeth. On a lighter note, if one has comedic or musical talent, Capricorn brings a great sense of timing in performance. Other characteristics include calculating diplomacy and status-seeking actions.

There is generally nothing “light” about what *Pluto* brings; i.e., transformation — and generally through power struggles. Where Pluto transits, it is never trouble-free. However, we can view any Pluto transit as a catalyst to actualizing a creative opportunity to rebuild, restructure, and evolve. We simply must work through the inevitability of the transformation Pluto brings. If we try to prevent it, the Energy builds like a volcano, and the transformation is not at all favorable. When Pluto transits Capricorn, particularly one’s Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and/or Ascendant, we can look for heightened ambition, focus, and discipline among Capricorn individuals. They will “dance” on any limitations they face and can make a transformative impact in their own world and/or within society as a whole using “timeless” standards of conduct.

Wherever we have Capricorn in our Natal Charts, to the extent we incorporate something new into our lives based on a reality check, we will grow and evolve beyond existing limitations. Slowly, but inexorably, we develop new levels of awareness and re-define ourselves and, at our highest, inspire others to also contribute something to society. Where there is dissatisfaction with one’s career, there is likely to be a concerted effort to take greater control by seeking a higher position or “hold their own” by gaining control over the situation. Power struggles are likely in tearing down the current structure in order to create a new order. Alternatively, one may pursue a different career all together — or at the very least ambitiously move to a different company/organization. Wherever one feels that “something” is blocking a goal or objective, there is likely to be intense focus highlighted by some cataclysmic event. Once the blockage is removed, the timing of which is dependent upon one’s personal transits, the transformation is experienced as a “breakthrough,” and situations may arise that bring new opportunities to unleash dormant capabilities that can bring tangible results.

We can expect economic and political power struggles like nothing we’ve seen for several decades – particularly between church and state, oppression and freedom, change vs. status quo, powerful friends and powerful enemies. We can expect new concepts of government to emerge — certainly the reorganization of governments and businesses that faltered or failed during the Pluto transit through Sagittarius. Where corporations, religious institutions, and governments floundered or failed during the Pluto-Sagittarius transit, Pluto-Capricorn assures a major effort toward economic and governmental reorganization toward practical, enduring change with corporations and religion attempting to “rule;” however, it quite possibly will mean the total collapse of economic systems and political structures before we can get back on our collective feet in the U.S.

Politicians who began the dialogue of “change” may not be able to bring it to fruition in government, because, generally speaking, too much damage has already been done, AND the status quo/establishment reigns under Capricorn — and that is likely to be far more conservative than liberal. Certainly, the “rule” of law and religion are likely to be enforced more than the “spirit” of the law. In the U.S., whether it also means government ruled by a male (status quo) or female (change) president will largely depend on the charts of the candidates involved; however, gender bias is definitely stronger in the U.S. than racial bias, and racial bias is usually stronger than the desire for real change, in any event.