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Neptune in Pisces

As of February 3, 2012, we are collectively experiencing three major, life-altering transits: Neptune in Pisces until 2025; Pluto in Capricorn  until 2024; and Uranus in Aries until 2019.

During the Neptune Pisces transit, we can expect ego needs to dissipate, if not dissolve to a great extent; such that globally, locally, and personally, hubris is humbled and little, or no separation or boundaries exist between who we are as separate beings and our oneness with all life.

Of course, this is a 14-year process, so we may start with feelings of disorientation, possibly abject weakness and helplessness, self-doubt, and confusion where we once felt total confidence and security — or vice-versa. Some may, on the other hand, immediately experience creative and/or spiritual inspiration as never before. The effect depends on the House involved in one’s birth chart and the planets/luminaries it transits.

Coming off of a 14-year Neptune/Aquarius transit of detachment (though Retrograde in Aquarius for a final number on us from Aug. 4, 2011, to Feb. 3, 2012), Neptune/Pisces is more likely to show just how connected/attached we are to one another and to the Universe. Personal boundaries are likely to dissolve even as we try to maintain our separate identity. Awareness of the effects of this long-term transit can help us holding fast and steady to who we know we are, in spite of its effects on us.

Neptune is most at home in the depths of our unconscious mind, and, to the extent we immerse ourselves in our Inner world, we are more effective in navigating and contributing to the Outer world. Our own private “spirituality” may be the only “religion” that separates us from chaos and confusion, inasmuch as “religion” as we have known it no longer controls what comes into conscious awareness, especially under the Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transits now fully transiting the collective consciousness. There is no blocking the soul that cries for deeper emersion into “personal truths.”

While we are trying to navigate the unconscious over the next 14 years, it is our “personal” transits and our awareness of the opportunities and obstacles they bring that can ease their humbling effects. Where things are totally out of our control; where we are powerless to control anything but our responses — this is where we discover what’s really important; i.e., re-imagining the possibilities — whether that means finding fresh solutions to old problems or finding our Soul through new and seemingly insoluble problems. Over these years, “self”lessness and “self”ishness may dissolve into an oval of light infusing greater unity of “self” for the greater good of all.

As we move through the general transits of Neptune affecting all of us at the same time, your own empathic nature may be stimulated by Readings at this site. As you move through your personal transits of Neptune in Pisces, the Inner Guide Meditation and my Readings for you may be of particular assistance and provide a modicum of reassurance against self-doubt, delusion, confusion, victimization, and questioning self-identity. Certainly, it will be important to understand the “illusions” Neptune brings to the House it will be transiting in your Natal chart.

Life-altering transits may change life as we’ve known it, but there will likely be an undeniable sense of oneness with the Universe — inspiration through our combined individuality and universality. Uranus in Aries, however, will be the great shaker-upper on the Outer Plane with respect to just about any peace of mind and feelings of security we may feel on the Inner Plane.