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Lunar Nodal Shift

The Lunar North Nodal shift of May 9, 2017, to November 7, 2018, is in the Sign of Leo. The opposite South Nodal shift is in the Sign of Aquarius

As the Nodes transit the Houses of one’s birth chart when they change Signs, they can bring life-altering shifts in emphasis for a year and 7 months (plus or minus a month or two).

The quick idea in the Western Tradition-Tropical system of astrology on the Lunar North Node and South Node is the concept of the most difficult path to follow (the North Node, bringing the greatest satisfaction in the House where it is placed in one’s birth chart) opposite the easiest path to follow (the South Node and not bringing the greatest satisfaction to the House in which it is placed in one’s birth chart.)

From a Western-Tropical perspective, the most important thing we can do for ourselves at the outset is to use this shift to balance our focus between individual selfinterest and an impersonal dedication to humanity for the good of all.  Don’t wait around to be a possible victim of this dramatic change.

Look at your Tropical-Western birth chart for the House where Leo is at 29 degrees (and counting back to 0 degrees by the time the transit is completed through the Leo-Aquarius axis in November 2018). That House (or possibly two Houses) is the area to be goal-oriented for the greatest fulfillment – and is likely be the most difficult to accomplish. However, if you look at the opposite House in the sign of Aquarius – that is where the path may be easiest but does not promise the greatest fulfillment.  Balancing the two will likely bring a modicum of satisfaction and fulfillment. Be goal-oriented! Consider what life-altering shift you can make with the expectation that some lofty goal is not going to be easy to accomplish and will likely take much of this transit to accomplish.

Please contact me for a Reading of the possibilities and connections in your Personal Natal Chart for the duration of what could be a momentous shift in your life experience.