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December 2018 General Energy Influences

Always remember that our personal Energy Influences more closely determine the outcomes of our efforts.  Also, nearing the end of Mercury Retrograde (December 6 at 1:22p), it is tempting to take action – full steam ahead. However, it is in our best interests to wait until after MR ends. 

As always, awareness of the Void of Course (V/C) Moon dates and times (on this site) is very useful ahead of implementing plans and ideas. Also, awareness of your Personal Void of Course Moon dates and times is a very useful planning tool for achieving the desired results. Your PV/C Tables can be purchased through me, at

  • Read more about the following Moon Signs in Swimming in Your Brain (which you purchase on the Home Page of this site). The dates and times of the general December Void of Course Moon can also be seen on this site. (Please note: This Astrologer uses the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendar to track the daily Moon.)  The calendar can be purchased online at

Saturday, Dec. 1st, 2018 at9:31p (all times are PT): The Sagittarius Sun and Libra Moon bring high hopes for warm friendships and great family relationships. Once we get past Mercury Retrograde, we’re likely to have better communications and more successful outcomes to our actions.   

Sunday, Dec. 2nd: Making decisions about anything – let alone choosing giftsfor the holidays – is likely to be more difficult.  The generosity of spirit may well be in our hearts, but the many choices (not to mention cash-flow- realities) may slow down spending action. An icy waning Moon in *Libra* can also put a freeze on contemplated actions, so it’s a better time for re-thinking plans/decisions, instead of making – or implementing – new plans.

 Monday, Dec. 3rdThe Libra Moon ends at the 10:16a Void of Course Moon,so our enthusiasm for anything that mustbe done might be waning. We can more easily get with the program once the *Scorpio* Moon nudges us to focus on the business at hand, especially until Wednesday, at 1:53p. Then, we can take a breath (by choice or by force) under a V/C Moon, which ends at 6:49p under a *Sagittarius* Moon.

This *Sagittarius* Moon energizes us under the Sagittarius Sun. Whether we’re into celebrating our freedom during the 8 days of Chanukah (Hanukah) with candle lighting (signifying the continuous lamp light during the Maccabean Revolt when there was little to no oil remaining in the vessel) and gift-giving – or otherwise commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem – or preparing for Christmas, this is the season of hope and optimism for Jews and Christians alike. 

Thursday, Dec. 6th: The Energy Influences of the *Sagittarius* Moon continue through Friday under a New Moon, and most people are especially enthusiastic, especially because the cosmic energy shifts, and communications (as well as decision-making) are easier once Mercury has (technically) gone direct. That said, because the effects of MR can influence us on a diminishing basis for another week or so, it will be prudent to stay conscious of the need to slow down just enough for our brains to catch up with what we’re trying to say and do.

Saturday, Dec. 8th: The Energy Influences of the *Capricorn*Moon can be exceptionally useful for accomplishing whatever is on our To Do list, especially up to Monday, Dec. 10th at 1:27p.

Monday, Dec. 10th: The heaviness of the Void of Course Moon, from 1:27p to 3:39p, can get in the way of what we really want to get done. After that, once the *Aquarius* Moon spreads its surprises far and wide (mainly because its Ruler Uranus is Retrograde in the Sign of Aries), we need to be ready for anything! At least our actions are not generally impeded by Mercury Retrograde; however, we may be inclined to take chances that bring totally unexpected (and unwanted) consequences. If, instead, we focus on taking actions that benefit the greater number of people, the results can bring Happy Surprises for the good of all.  That said: because we’re still under the Energy Influences of a Sagittarius Sun (the Sign of “Mother Nature”), we still must be ready for anything over which we have absolutely no control. 

Tuesday, Dec. 11th through Wednesday, Dec. 12th: The Crescent Moon in *Aquarius*may well set the New Normal for the rest of 2018 – unusual occurrences and continuous surprises! Stay conscious and aware! Bring *happy * surprises!!

Thursday, Dec. 13th after the Void of Course Moon (from 2:20a to 4:40a), the *Pisces* Moon, through Friday, Dec. 14thcan keep our imaginations in Lalaland, but our cash-on-hand may keep us in reality-based spending.

Heads up! Saturday, Dec. 15th: The combination of a Sagittarius Sun- generosity-of-spirit and the Energy Influences under the ever-willing- *Aries*Moon to take chances can definitely get us in over our heads, financially, through Monday, Dec. 17th. 

Tuesday, Dec. 18th: Don’t wake up worrying about the chances taken over the week-end. Get it right, and be disciplined and practical under the *Taurus* Moon, ending at 4:42p, Wednesday.  Your heart may be in the right place – just make sure your wallet can match your heart’s most fervent wishes.

Thursday, Dec. 20ththrough Friday, Dec. 21st: Staying in the moment with thoughts matching actions will be relatively easy under the Energy Influences of the *Gemini* Moon, especially with the purpose-oriented Capricorn Sun, starting at 2:23p.

 As of 8:28a,Saturday, Dec. 22nd through Sunday, Dec. 23rd:  generosity of spirit meets our need and desire to nurture others under this *Cancer* Moon. And under this Full Moon, it’s more likely there will be no holding back. It will be important to eat and self-nurture so we stay as healthy as we are busy “nurturing” others.

Monday, Dec. 24th and Tuesday, Dec. 25th: It’s most definitely not all about our individual selves under this *Leo* Moon. Whether we’re into gift giving or into the religious significance of Christmas, this continues to be the season of hope and optimism with extra warmth and love to be shared among us.

Wednesday, Dec. 26th: The Void of Course Moon comes at the best time on the West Coast (between 7:36a and 9:50a) when we might be able to sleep later than usual, and savor the time to catch our breath. As of 9:50a, the *Virgo* Moon (until Friday at 8:27a) brings the additional opportunity to express our gratitude – without criticism about anything. It’s also a good day to analyze our spending (and savings), keeping our thoughts about that in perspective, given the season.  

Friday, Dec. 28th: Between 8:27a and 12:23p PT, the Void of Course Moon brings the opportunity to close out the week on a note of gratitude and contentment, after which the *Libra* Moon (until Sunday, Dec. 30th at 2:53p) helps us shift into thoughts of perfecting how we operate in one-to-one interactions and relationships, as we move into 2019.

Sunday, Dec. 30th – after 2:53p – and Monday, Dec. 31st under the Last Quarter Moon of this New Moon Cycle, we can more fully formulate our Intentions, Hopes, Wishes, and Desires for 2019. 

I wish for you a fulfilling 2019!