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June 2018 Daily Moon Signs with New Moon Cycle Phases

Friday, June 1, 2018:  The Capricorn Moon (until 8:37p), makes for a very “purposeful” start to our endeavors in June.  Its Energy Influences include a combination of ambition, diplomacy, status seekers, and those who use all their resources to achieve their purpose.  It’s not the time to initiate actions/new projects.  It *is* the time, during this New Moon Cycle, to take look at what has come to fruition since the New Moon of May 15th that must be integrated into our objective for this New Moon Cycle.  Then, between June 2 and June 5, under the Disseminating Moon, we learn what we must share in order to reach our objective before the beginning of the next New Moon cycle, June 13  Under the Last Quarter Moon, from June 6-9, we have to look at what requires that we take responsibility before we can achieve our objective; and between June 10 and the 13th, we can channel or unleash whatever it takes to reach that objective.

  • Read more about the Sign of Capricorn and the Moon in the Sign of Capricorn in Swimming In Your Brain (which you can purchase on the Home page of this site).  Information about using Moon Phases for Planning and Goal Setting is found starting at page 148.  Also, this Astrologer uses the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendar to track the daily Moon.  The calendar can be purchased online at com

June 1-13 Moon Signs and Moon Cycle Phases:

1 FRI –   Capricorn Moon continues until 8:37p under the Full Moon Phase 
2 SAT  –  Aquarius Moon energies begin at 3:06p in a Disseminating
               Moon Phase

3 SUN – Aquarius Moon continuing until 10:10p under the Disseminating
              Moon Phase

4 MON –A Void of Course Moon under the Disseminating Moon Phase              

5 TUE – Pisces Moon starting at 3:53a under a continuing Disseminating
             Moon Phase

6 WED – The Energy Influences of the Pisces Moon continue in the Last
               Quarter Moon Phase (beginning at 11:32a) until 11:35p

7 THU – Aries Moon begins at 2:26p under the continuing Last Quarter
             Moon Phase

8 FRI –  Aries Moon continues under the Last Quarter Moon Phase
9 SAT – Aries Moon continues until 12:37p, and a Taurus Moon
             begins at 9:04p under a continuing Last Quarter Moon Phase

10 SUN – Taurus Moon continues and the Balsamic Moon Phase begins
                at 5:02a

11 MON – Taurus Moon Energy Influences continue until 8:29p, and the
                 Gemini Moon Energy Influences begin at 11:53p under a
                 continuing Balsamic Moon Phase

12 TUE – Gemini Moon continues under the Balsamic Moon Phase

13 WED – New Moon cycle begins at 12:43p at 22 degrees Gemini