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October 2018 General Energy Influences

Here are general Energy Influences for October.  It will be valuable to also follow the Void of Course Moon dates and times (on this site) before implementing plans and ideas. Also, awareness of your Personal Void of Course Moon dates and times is very useful for planning and implementing plans.

  • Read more about the following Moon Signs in Swimming In Your Brain (which you can purchase on the Home page of this site). The dates and times of the September Void of Course Moon can be seen on this site.   This Astrologer uses the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendar to track the daily Moon.  The calendar can be purchased online at


Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 (all times are PT): The Void of Course Moon, which began Sun. morning, Sept. 30, will end by 11a, Monday, as the Moon enters the Sign of *Cancer*.  Assuming no major commitments were made or actions taken before 11a, the emphasis for October is likely to be sharing all things food and family.  While the Energy Influences of the Cancer Moon do not leave our psyche this month, each Sign that follows a Void of Course Moon, brings additional energy to make the most of the theme for this month – food and family.

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Still under Cancer Moon, the Last Quarter Moon phase is the time to take responsibility for all things food and family.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: A Void of Course Moon between 1:33a and 2:12p can be a time when nothing of importance we want to accomplish can be done. It can also be a time during which we just keep working on a project previously started and have the willingness, after 2:12p, to make changes or modify anything we have done during the V/C Moon times. After 2:12p, and all of Thursday, Oct. 4, under the *Leo* Moon, our attention can be fixed upon exactly what will bring parts and people together to move any project forward.

Friday, Oct. 5: Between 4:34a and 4:19p, we can start the week-end early under a Void of Course Moon, or look for flaws in our project preparation to be corrected after 4:19p, OR we can spend an evening with family, friends, and good food.

Saturday, Oct. 6: The *Virgo* Moon is a good time to be “self-critical” and otherwise pay some attention to dietary needs.

Sunday, Oct. 7: The Void of Course Moon is between 7:03a and 6:10p – a good day to go with the flow but not a good day to take unnecessary risks. After 6:10p, compromise is the keyword.

Monday, Oct. 8: The *Libra* Moon brings an opportunity to consider all options, without necessarily deciding which one to take. The New Moon cycle will be in Libra and starts at 8:47p, opening a new opportunity to initiate anything designed to be completed by the next New Moon on November 7.

Tuesday, Oct. 9: Under this Void of Course Moon (between 1:50a and 9:09p), just take extra precautions, especially driving a vehicle — don’t crowd other drivers, and allow all the space they need between you and their attempts to squeeze in or pass your vehicle. After 9:09p, under the *Scorpio Moon* passions can work magic or wreak havoc in relationships!

Wednesday, Oct. 10 and Thursday, Oct. 11: Under this continuing *Scorpio Moon* all or nothing rules – and “common sense” most likely flies in the face of what we reallyshould” say or do. Secret thoughts and actions are of often the most important considerations these two days.

Friday, Oct. 12 and Saturday, Oct. 13: The *Sagittarius Moon* brings out the need for companionship, new experiences, as well as the need for truth and a broader perspective, particularly with respect to all manner of education and spirituality. A Void of Course Moon begins at 5:58p and lasts until Sunday at 12:17p – uber caution is advised under this V/C Moon.

Sunday, Oct. 14 and Monday, Oct. 15: Once the *Capricorn Moon* Energy Influences begin, we can most easily fulfill our ambitions and/or objectives by using all our resources and diplomacy in any and every important discussion.

Tuesday, Oct. 16: To the extent we focus like a laser, and make commitments before the 2:49p V/C Moon, we are more likely to have a modicum of satisfaction of what we were able to accomplish toward our objectives, especially with respect to our goals for the New Moon Cycle.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 and Thursday, Oct. 18: The *Aquarius Moon* highlights what’s unusual/out of the ordinary. We just have to be ready and open to making quick assessments of the unexpected situation(s) and/or event(s).

Friday, Oct. 19, Saturday, Oct. 20, and most of Sunday, Oct. 21: Whether you’re into solitude, movies, or working very long hours, the *Pisces Moon* provides the cover for what you want to do (or not do). Its Energy Influences begin after 1:20p, Friday. Sunday, whatever you intend to start, it will be to your advantage to get it going (or get going) before the V/C Moon starts at 4:47p (and doesn’t end until 11:58p).

Monday, Oct. 22 and Tuesday, Oct. 23 until the V/C Moon at 11:18a: Under this *Aries* Moon, allow in the high energy needed to push through any part of your project that moves you closer to completion by Nov. 7th.  Otherwise, Aries energy can make you so eager to move on to the next idea, that the current project doesn’t get completed! The V/C Moon lasts until 7:33a, Wednesday.

Wednesday, Oct. 24: The energy of a *Taurus* Full Moon begins at 9:45a and takes us right through to Friday, Oct. 26 at 7:49a.  If the foundation of your project proves sound, your persistence, discipline, and a deep desire for things to be better can be strong motivators to share the fruits of our labor with friends and family – especially through delicious meals. If, on the other hand, there are flaws, and changes must be made, the energy of the Taurus Moon helps to provide the motivation to follow through with determination.  After Friday’s V/C Moon, the *Gemini Moon* optimism begins at 12:41p and can bring fresh ideas to amp up our enthusiasm and enjoyment in whatever we’re doing.

By late Saturday (9:37p), Oct. 27, when the next V/C Moon begins, rest and relaxation can be enjoyed and continued under the *Cancer Moon*, which begins at 4:27p. Sunday, Oct. 28, with emotional support from loved ones continuing, especially until Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7:31p, when the last V/C Moon of Oct. lasts but 11 minutes – to 7:42p – and a *Leo Moon* carries us through to Thursday, Nov. 1st, at 9:31p. Under this Leo Moon, on Oct. 31st, many families and friends will fully enjoy the fun and frivolity of All Hallows Eve (also known as “Halloween”).