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Void of Course Moon-May 31- July 4, 2017

Each month, when the Moon Sign is the same as your Sun sign,
that’s your time to shinetake in that warmth, and take the opportunity
to express your highest self for the good of all and not to your detriment.
Read more about Sun Signs and Moon Signs in
Swimming In Your Brain
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(Times are Pacific Time and based
on the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendars.

May 31 Wednesday Void of Course Moon: 4:14A to 9:16A, after which the Moon begins its transit through the Sign of Virgo.  (Read more about the Sign of Virgo and the Moon in Virgo in Swimming In Your Brain, page 9. You can also begin learning to interpret the movement of each Moon sign through your natal/ birth chart, using the example on pages 72-74 of Swimming In Your Brain, which you can purchase on the Home page of this site.)


2 FRI 2:48P to 5:04P – Libra   

5 MON 1:57A to 3:46A – Scorpio

6 TUE 5:35P to WED 3:59P – Sagittarius    

9 FRI 11:20P to SAT 4:36A – Capricorn 

12 MON 11:45A to 4:45P – Aquarius 

14 WED 10:40P to THU 3:17A – Pisces     

17 SAT 4:33P to 10:55A – Aries

            Last Quarter Moon 4:33p 26°Pisces 28′

19 MON 12:42P to 2:53P – Taurus 

20 TUE 9:25P to WED 3:44P – Gemini

23 FRI 11:45A to 3:07P – Cancer

         New Moon 7: 31p 2° Cancer 47′

25 SUN 11:44A to 3:06P  – Leo

27 TUE 2:12P to 5:41P  – Virgo

29 THU 1:34P to FRI 0:02A  – Libra

FRI June 30

        First Quarter Moon 9° Libra 24′

JULY 2-4

2 SUN 6:16A to 9:59A – Scorpio

4 TUE 6:34P to 10:08P – Sagittarius

What Is a Void of Course Moon?

For those unfamiliar with the term “Void of Course Moon,” this refers to the period of time the moon is “in between” signs, and it occurs at the same time for everyone (though according to our respective time zones; e.g., if the general V/C Moon occurs a 9 a.m. on the west coast, it is occurring at the same time but 12 p.m. clock time on the east coast.) An example of the moon being in between signs would be, when the moon leaves the sign of Sagittarius and hasn’t yet moved into Capricorn.  This period can last a minute or a day.  But it is definitely a time during which we chill, take a break — time out. Certainly, actions begun when one’s *Personal* Moon is Void of Course bring unintended consequences.

There are general Void of Course Moon periods, and our personal Void of Course Moon dates and times, which coincide with or precede the general V/C Moon and are important to know and use in conjunction with the general V/C Moon dates and times. Those whose personal Moon is not void of course still have to work within the parameters of the General Void of Course Moon — it just won’t be quite as frustrating. Remember, however, most people have no clue whether their personal Moon is void of course, so we have to operate from the point of view that everyone has to use the rules of a general V/C just to keep things copacetic (if that’s even possible).

The P-V/C Moon is a signal that we are vulnerable to circumstances beyond our control.  It would not be the time to take (elective) tests, go on an interview or have *any* important meeting, start any new job, have surgery (unless it is an emergency, of course), and certainly not the time to start a partnership or business, get engaged — let alone married. We should plan nothing, decide nothing in particular, commit to nothing, and purchase nothing. If we do, we should expect the result to be very different than we intended.  Relationships begun under a Void of Course Moon go nowhere (especially under our P-V/C Moon).

Any one of the Jim Maynard astrological calendars (at least up to 2013) is extremely useful for planning around general V/C Moon dates and times for the whole year; the dates and times are listed here a month or two at a time. 

Examples of what can occur during or because of action planned or taken during a Void of Course Moon (V/C Moon) include: in 2000, Al Gore’s nomination for, and acceptance of, the nomination to be the Democrat standard bearer for President and Joe Lieberman’s nomination for Vice President; the 2000 Election Night and the outcomes of various court proceedings related TO the 2000 Election; President Nixon’s nomination for President and also his election in 1972; the Watergate break-in; and President Ford’s swearing in. Among other examples: failed businesses, countless accidents, jobs taken that don’t last, romances that go nowhere, marriages or other partnerships that ultimately fail; as well as major and minor purchases that are major disappointments and repairs that require RE-repair.

Of note, in the 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama was nominated by Hillary Clinton to be the 2008 Democratic standard-bearer for President during a V/C Moon, and Joe Biden accepted his nomination to be the Democratic party Vice President during a V/C Moon. On Election Day, Nov. 4th, the Moon was Void of Course until 4:01 p.m. Finally, the *official* time for a new President is 12 Noon EST on January 20th.  At that time, in 2009, the Moon was Void of Course; therefore, Barack Obama became President during a V/C Moon.

In terms of its legal significance, Barack Obama was first sworn in at 12:10 p.m. (also during Mercury Retrograde, when communications are often more challenging, and Chief Justice John Roberts misspoke — placing “faithfully” at the end of the sentence rather than correctly before the word “execute”). On January 21st, 2009, at 7:35 p.m. (the Moon was not Void of Course) then-President Obama re-took the Oath from Justice Roberts. Arguably, the lack of support from Moon (extrapolated to Congressional support) the original swearing in caused the bulk of President Obama’s “agenda” to be stopped in its tracks and otherwise definitely made it much more difficult for him to garner minimal support for fulfillment of various “change” issues in his first term.

President Obama’s swearing in for his second term, on January 20, 2013, at approximately 11:50 a.m. EST, was in a Taurus Moon; thus, not in a V/C Moon, nor was he in a P-V/C Moon.  This ostensibly gave him more lunar (and Congressional) support for some of what he intended to accomplish in his final term in office. President Obama accomplished a great deal, and one could say the persevering nature of the Taurus Moon under which he was sworn into Office (and the fixed and loyal nature of his Leo Sun) enabled President Obama to accomplish a great deal in spite of obstructionists in the Republican party attempting to block his efforts throughout his 8 years in office.