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Personal Services

Requested price quotes are given within a dollar/time range.  Don’t hesitate to
ask for a quote on what you think you actually need done from your birth chart.

There’s never an additional charge for clarification of a Reading or Report prepared for you.

Mapping Your Being: Natal Chart $275 
Exploration of Internal Patterns: Destiny, Gifts, Challenges/Lessons 
(Written Report and  laminated chart)


Special Charts $275
Career / Synastry / Weddings / Babies / Combination Emphasis Charts
(e.g., Natal/Career, Natal/Relationships, or Career/Relationship)


Solar Return $275
Cycle Analysis / Birthday Trips

Progressions $275

Inner Guide Meditation Initiation $85/hour (plus travel expenses)
Based upon the book: Inner Guide Meditation – A Technology for the 21st Century
by Edwin Steinbrecher
Personal Workbook for your Inner Guide Meditation: $40
Follow-up  Consultations $0-$85
Swimming In Your Brain, a Practicum to The Inner Guide Meditation
$25 (Signed/Mailed)

Annual Planning Plug-Ins  $195 to $400

Astrocartography  $300 (Your ideal location on the planet)

Astrological Follow-up Consultations $0-$55/hour

Astrology Lessons $85/Hour

Best Dates (for anything) starting at $75

Birthday Cards $10 (without birth time being available) / $15 (with birth date/time/place available)

Numerology $100 +/-

I Ching (by telephone) $55 for each question

Tarot Profiles and Numerology Written Reports $125 each

Party-Guest Numerology Profile Favors $10 each

Personal Void of Course Moon Transits $200 (1 year) / $20 (month)