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Total Eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Sun
August 21, 2017
11:30A PT/2:30P ET

We are told in the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendars that the opportunity to see this Total Eclipse phenomenon (not since 1918 over the US) will be from Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, the NE corner of Kansas, Missouri, southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, NE Georgia, and the Carolinas. Its path is over 70 miles wide. Its energy is felt most strongly in the area of Earth where the path of Moon’s umbra lies.

Astrologically, at 3, 6, and 9 months, in particular, after the event we can expect the effects to be like a giant magnifying glass on those with a Leo Sun, Moon, Ascendant and or Mars, especially within 21 degrees and 29 degrees of Leo, at the conjunction, square, trine, and opposition contacts to and from the Leo cosmic body in one’s birth chart.  

Positive possibilities and vulnerabilities are likely…especially for the Leo whose Sun is within a 5° orb on either side of this Eclipse, which is at 28° Leo 53′.  That said, wherever one has the Sign of Leo in the birth chart, the objective should be to minimize the fire and accentuate the spirit and personal fixed nature of the Leo Sign.  That may well mean that we live with whatever crisis we have to face, and just strive to maintain the status quo, unless it’s a medical emergency. Some of the positives to emphasize include: actions related to children, picnics, creative self-expression, acting on stage and or in films, videos, or YouTube; romance and love-making, other physical pleasures, entertainment, games, parties, sports, stock market speculation, building a sunroom or sun porch. Some of the negatives to avoid include: arrogance, lies, gambling, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, heart ailments and disease, inflammatory diseases, infections, political intrigue, political downfall. 

The effects of this Solar Eclipse at 28º Leo 53′ will be with us (and piled on) until the Partial Solar Eclipse in August 2018.  If we are aware of the personal and collective opportunities and challenges brought by the Total Solar Eclipse, the Partial Solar Eclipse in February 2018, can take some of the glare off us, individually and collectively, on Earth.     

For a solar eclipse to occur the Sun and Moon must be conjunct — occupying the same place in space (as in this case) or opposite the Sun Sign at the time of the Eclipse.  The term designated for the Moon, at the time of the Eclipse, is the New Moon. While it does not mean we have a solar eclipse at every New Moon, we cannot have a solar eclipse without a New Moon. The magnetic pull of the Sun and Moon eclipsing the Earth is strong enough for the Earth to receive the Energy of the Sun sign in which the solar eclipse occurs.  This, then, is the Energy of the collective UNconscious that needs active expression on Earth through people born under the sign of the Eclipse (in this case Leo), as their responsibility to the collective whole.  

Of course a Solar Eclipse affects weather patterns, as well.  Under this Solar Eclipse in Leo — being a Fire sign — there are likely to be more wild fires, Sun flairs, electrical fires, and arson of all kinds.

There is more to teach under this Solar Eclipse, and there is greater awareness to gain for all Sun Signs.  Should you wish to have a more specific Reading as to the effects of this Total Solar Eclipse on your birth chart, regardless of your Sun Sign, I will look forward to being of service. I invite you to contact me.