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Annular Eclipse of the Sun on February 26, 2017, and Total Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016

Annular Eclipse of the Sun
February 26, 2017
6:58A PT/9:58A ET

Considered by astronomers to be the “ring of fire” eclipse, the Annular Eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon’s surface isn’t large enough to block out the entire disk of the Sun – the Moon is at its farthest point from Earth in its elliptical orbit around our planet. So, the Sun looks like a ring of fire around the black disk of the Moon.  The opportunity to see this phenomenon will be from the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and other parts of the world outside the United States. Its energy is felt most strongly in the area of Earth where the path of Moon’s umbra lies.

Astrologically, we can attribute its affects to the Sign of the Sun and the New Moon – in this case – Pisces (at 8°) and not at the duration or with the giant magnification that Pisceans are experiencing (until August 2017) from the Total Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016, at 18° Pisces. 

So, there are likely to be some direct hits…especially for the Pisceans whose Sun is within a 5° orb on either side of this Eclipse, which is at 8° Pisces.  Given that Pisces is a mutable Sign (and Neptune is transiting its own Sign of Pisces), the crisis will most likely relate to vulnerabilities with respect to problems screaming for attention and getting none, such as (but not limited to), oil supply or oil leaks; gasoline prices; hospitals; prisons, charities, all water-related matters; such as, but not limited to lost vessels at sea, rain, flooding, drowning, fishing, water fowl; psychological issues, such as: blocks to meditation or otherwise accessing the subconscious, escapism, confusion, disappointments and deception, swindles, frauds; also, conspiracies and confidential matters; physical issues, such as:  sleep issues; one’s feet; boils; alcoholism; and intangible things related to the House of Pisces in the individual’s natal chart.

Total Solar Eclipse
March 8, 2016, 5:54p PT/8:54p ET

The effects of this Solar Eclipse at 18º Pisces 56′ will be with us (and piled on) until the Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017.  If we are aware of the personal and collective opportunities and challenges brought by the Total Solar Eclipse, the Annular Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017, can take some of the glare off us, individually and collectively, on Earth.  The Total Solar Eclipse totally covers the Sun disk by the Moon. (The Maynard calendar indicates the path of totality will be visible in parts of central Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean.)  

For a solar eclipse to occur the Sun and Moon must be conjunct — occupying the same place in space (as in this case) or opposite the Sun Sign at the time of the Eclipse.  The term designated for the Moon, at the time of the Eclipse, is the New Moon. While it does not mean we have a solar eclipse at every New Moon, we cannot have a solar eclipse without a New Moon. The magnetic pull of the Sun and Moon eclipsing the Earth is strong enough for the Earth to receive the Energy of the Sun sign in which the solar eclipse occurs.  This, then, is the Energy of the collective UNconscious that needs active expression on Earth through people born under the sign of the Eclipse (in this case Pisces), as their responsibility to the collective whole.  Of course a Solar Eclipse affects weather patterns, as well.

Under this Solar Eclipse, Pisces — being a Water sign — can bring heavy rains, floods, poisoned water, heightened water disasters, greater global suffering, and, among other things: plots/schemes/cheating, focus on poverty, oil, gasoline, boats, ships, submarines, fish/fishing rights/laws; social outcasts, spies, spiritualism, naval forces, prisons/prisoners, swindlers, waterways, waterfowl and their breeding habitats,  North Africa,  Alexandria, Egypt; large animals, hospitals, alcoholism, sea plants, relief work, religious fanaticism, slavery, social unrest, and organizations gaining forcible control or condemnation of groups of people. 

At a personal level, the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces can, on the one hand, bring greater awareness of one’s artistic and/or clairvoyant talents; on the other, there are likely to be feet/foot issues, glandular problems, escapist tendencies, passing the blame, selfishness, mean-spiritedness, emphasis on one’s personal image, greater insecurities, alcoholism, suicides, sorrows… our innermost thoughts, subconscious mind are in the “glare” of the Sun. 

 There is more to teach under this Solar Eclipse, and there is greater awareness to gain for all Sun Signs.  Should you wish to have a more specific Reading as to the effects of this Total Solar Eclipse on your birth chart (and how its Energy Influences combine with those of the ) upcoming Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016), regardless of your Sun Sign, I will look forward to being of service. I invite you to contact me.