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Saturn in Sagittarius

Conceivably, the best brain stabilizer in the planet/sign combinations, Saturn in Sagittarius will be with us, initially, from December 24, 2014, to June 14, 2015 (when it retrogrades into Scorpio), and  between September 17, 2015, and December 20, 2017.    

Saturn’s effects are as much socially collective as individual. The collective “drive” will be to improve the structure of the status quo. In Sagittarius, the emphasis is on our collective responsibility to stewardship of Earth and our collective responsibility for one another through expanded knowledge and actions taken for the good of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Personally, depending upon one’s awareness, the House being transited, and the connections/aspects to and from this Saturn, it can be used to advance one’s pursuit of personal “truth” with respect to personal and collective responsibility, philosophy, spirituality, higher-mind consciousness in general, and higher-mind education, as well as matters involving other countries and cultures, in particular.    

We earn the blessings and beneficence of Saturn in Sagittarius through expanded intellectual concentration, spiritual and/or educational achievements, distinction, and respect. We can use a spiritually superior approach in discussions where there are opposing points of view, and we must maintain modesty and moderation with respect to our personal position/perspective in discussions, as well as with respect to our achievements/accomplishments.

The object of Saturn in Sagittarius is to avoid self-righteousness, as there will always be someone else who can also demonstrate the “highest” use of this transit for the good of all and utilize the stabilizing effects of what can be quite a beneficial Saturn cycle.

When Saturn visits any Sun sign, it shows the results of actions taken, projects or careers begun approximately 14 years prior — climactic and either successful or not. It is an important time to get debts out of the way, resolve to push it through (whatever “it” is) —get it handled. Responsibility increases, rather than decreases, and our freedom to do as we may wish is usually limited.  Sagittarius wants to expand, experiment, and experience.  Saturn requires self-discipline. So, perhaps we can relate Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius with the theory of musical boundaries in composing a symphony.  

One thing for certain, it is not a good idea to take on new responsibilities unrelated to what is in progress, but, at the same time, it is a great idea to ambitiously focus on completions that will advance one’s reputation now and for the future. Saturn’s “visit” usually makes the owner feel restricted and forced to focus on projects already begun prior to the transit — and it is rarely an “easy” cycle. It often requires intense self-determination and, in Sagittarius, also requires taking/using utmost responsibility in all matters – personally and professionally.

Whether or not Saturn in is one’s Sun Sign, we are each made aware of where we are in the process of moving along on our chosen path, according to the House and Quadrant being transited by Saturn in Sagittarius. If we are to understand what we are doing and where we are going, Saturn’s transit through *every* House and Quadrant is most helpful.

As always, Saturn’s transit is individual to our own personal life experience; however, in very general terms, if Saturn is transiting one’s First Quadrant (with Sagittarius moving through Houses 1, 2, or 3), we need to get into ourselves – look at what we’ve accomplished (or not) over the past several years (depending on the House). It does not mean one cannot be successful on the Outer Plane now; however, this is generally not the time for grand outer success – it’s time to incorporate what we’ve learned from the Outer World’s response to our efforts to succeed.

This prepares us to lay a new foundation when Saturn begins its transit through our Second Quadrant (Houses 4, 5, and 6). Wherever Saturn transits, freedom can be limited – the key is awareness of whatever Saturn is contacting in your chart and using that awareness as appropriate to the House and planet and/or luminary involved. In spite of the limitations, mainly due to the responsibilities one must own with Saturn in Sagittarius, it brings tremendous drive.

If Saturn is “Returning” to its position at the time of your birth, there is added significance in accordance with your personal natal chart and a personal Reading would be beneficial.