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The Mercury Retrograde Cycles – In General

Mercury Retrograde

Many of you know the drill: Generally, during any Mercury Retrograde cycle, we can count on greater misunderstandings, as all communications are more likely to suffer at varying degrees. Expect delays and/or undelivered mail or messages. EXPECT to write and rewrite in the present and WISH to rewrite the past. WAIT to get repairs done of any kind until after Mercury Retrograde ends, as repairs usually have to be made to the repair! WAIT to sign contracts and generally entering into agreements. POSTPONE non-emergency doctor appointments, x-rays, and dental work.

Mercury Retrograde is definitely NOT the time to start a new relationship, a new job, or long-term project — let alone a new career; it is not the time enter into binding commitments (marriage, financial, or otherwise) without the absolute expectation of necessary modifications, alternative compromises and/or reversals in the original plan and/or intent. Unless it’s an emergency, it is generally not a good idea make or goes to medical appointments during Mercury Retrograde.

Interpersonally, communications at all levels are problematic, and we are inclined to think slower – process communications slower! We have to be patient with each other and ourselves. Try to see and use humor. Expect computer issues – not the least of which will likely include slower connections (also, back-up data).

EXPECT misleading information — if not deception (especially with Neptune in Pisces); EXPECT missed appointments, traffic problems, the failure to keep one’s word because of a promise that could not be kept; misplaced documents, more compute-related problems.

Any Mercury Retrograde cycle is THE time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and/or re-plan without taking action on the “new plan” until after Mercury Retrograde ends. It is the time for completions; i.e., cleaning up paperwork, paying debts, doing what we’ve promised that hasn’t been completed OR otherwise handling those matters responsibly.

You get the message: it IS the time to chill – to *think* more than we expand our activities; plan what to change and how to move forward after Mercury Retrograde ends. Think of it as an *opportunity* that comes around 3 or 4 times in a year (this is the 4th Mercury Retrograde in 2016).

NO ONE escapes the discomfort of Mercury Retrograde — wherever we have Gemini, or Virgo in our natal charts, we are going to experience the effects of any Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury “rules” those individuals with a Gemini or Virgo Sun. Those with a Gemini Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, will, most likely, be in the uncomfortable position of having to re-think exactly where they are most comfortable; i.e., easy, adaptable communications suitable for the moment. On the other hand, for the Gemini who is aware of Mercury Retrograde, the opportunity exists to clarify communications — being so precise there is little room for misunderstanding.

Virgo Sun, Moon, or Virgo ascendant, will likely experience the usual difficulties presented by a Mercury Retrograde cycle; however, their main opportunity is to analyze how they may be the carping critic and unnecessarily complicating matters for everyone with whom they are in contact. The main issue will likely be analyzing everything to death with slower reasoning powers, so all the analyzing actually gets in their way. Other issues may be intolerance for disorder or totally rationalizing a double standard they might be using to manipulate a situation.

To reiterate, during any Mercury Retrograde cycle, one should not enter into any binding agreements or life-altering commitments. Commitments made during a Mercury Retrograde cycle are most often commitments not kept. Where agreements cannot be avoided, there should be an expectation of having to responsibly modify the agreement at some point during its term. The signing of any important document should be either put on hold or signed with the knowledge that it will likely have to be changed in some way.

We are all being forced to loosen our grip on one or more situations in order to prepare for what is coming. The first half of Mercury Retrograde is the time for the greatest reflection and introspection.

During the second half of Mercury Retrograde, people will be especially inclined to just get on with business/life as usual — foolishly so. Added tension stems from a new perspective and the added awareness that we are literally blocked from doing what we feel ready to DO to the fullest extent. What we should focus on is physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being, as well as plans for greater fulfillment in our lives after the cycle ends.

REMEMBER: Sleep deprivation during Mercury Retrograde causes extreme confusion, inflexibility, and general difficulty staying in reality-based thought. When we feel the least bit sleepy it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, not to mention — refreshing — to STOP what we are doing, and close our eyes just long enough to allow the sleepiness to subside. It can be as little as 2-5 minutes.

REMEMBER ALSO: During ANY Mercury Retrograde cycle, most folks are inclined to think/process information slower — just “BE” with that, and USE it for deeper thinking about any subject, issue, or idea.

Naturally, Mercury Retrograde also affects all modes of travel and all modes of communication. We have to be more patient with each other in traffic. For that matter, it is definitely not a good time for travel (and, excepting emergencies, we should do so ONLY when our Personal Energy Influences show positive indications). Expect greater stress in any event. Also, it is no secret that when people use cell phones while driving, the distraction can cause disastrous accidents. During Mercury Retrograde, the hazard is multiplied when those who use them are so busy talking (not to mention texting) they go through red lights or don’t stop for pedestrians on a busy street, or even see animals (and animals can’t think). People are supposed to be able to think, but thinking is more often impaired during Mercury Retrograde, and, when using a cell phone – let alone texting – one’s thinking may not be sharp enough to negotiate both the situation on the road and the telephone interaction.

Whether we are pedestrians or behind the wheel of a vehicle – it will pay dividends to take an extra 10 seconds for a second and third look before leaving a GREEN light!!!




Stay aware of the four 2017 Mercury Retrograde cycles:
The first one ends January 8, 2017, at 1:43a (PT). Then:
April 9 at 4:15p to May 3, 9:33a
August 12 at 6:01p to September 5, 4:30a; and
December 2, 11:34p to the 22 at 5:51p.