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New Moon Cycle Dates and Times

New Moon: September 28, 2019, at 11:26A 5° Libra 20′ Intention and Goal for this New Moon Cycle

Crescent Moon: October 2, 5:41P, 23° Scorpio 32′ Foundation for reaching your Intention/Goal
First Quarter Moon: Oct. 5, 9:47A, 12° Capricorn 09′ The risk you take to reach the goal

Gibbous Moon: Oct. 9, 11:28A 1° Pisces 19‘ What you must allow in to reach the goal

Full Moon: Oct. 13, 2:09P 20° Aries 14′ What has come to fruition and must be integrated w/i you to reach your Intention/Goal

Disseminating Moon: Oct. 17, 12:52P 9° Gemini 08′ What you must share in order to reach the goal 

Last Quarter Moon: Oct. 21, 5:40A 27° Cancer 49′ The responsibility to be taken to reach your Intention/Goal

Balsamic Moon: Oct. 24, 3:04P 16° Virgo 12′ What you must
channel/unleash to reach the goal before the Next New Moon
: October 27 at 8:38P, 4° Scorpio 25′