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Daily Moon Signs with New Moon Cycle Phases

  • Friday, September 1, the month begins with the Moon transiting the Constellation/Sign of Capricorn, and we’re still in a deeply disturbing Mercury Retrograde cycle until September 5, made worse by the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st at 28 degrees Leo. 

    • Read more about the Sign of Capricorn and the Moon in the Sign of Capricorn in Swimming In Your Brain (which you can purchase on the Home page of this site), page 11.  You can also begin learning to interpret the movement of each Moon sign through your natal/birth chart, using the example on pages 72-74 of Swimming In Your Brain. Information about using Moon Phases for Planning and Goal Setting is found starting at page 148.  Also, this Astrologer uses the Jim Maynard Astrological Calendar to track the daily Moon.  It can be purchased at

    Dates and Times  for Moon Signs and Moon Cycle Phases:

    2 SAT 1:06P to MON 10:15P – Aquarius Moon 
       in a Gibbous Moon Phase

    4 MON 10:28P to WED 1:29P – Pisces Moon in a Gibbous Moon Phase

    7 THU 5:01A to SAT 8:52A – Aries Moon in a Full Moon Phase

    9 SAT 9:23A to SUN 5:54P – Taurus Moon in a Full Moon Phase
       (until Sat. 1:24P Disseminating Moon Phase under a Taurus Moon)

    10 SUN 5:54P to MON 12:29P – Taurus Moon
         in a Disseminating Moon Phase 

    11 MON 12:29P to TUES 11:25P Gemini Moon
         in a Disseminating Moon Phase

    12 TUES 11:25P to WED 11:35A Gemini Moon
         in a Last Quarter Moon Phase

    13 WED 3:12P to FRI 2:23P Cancer Moon
         in a Last Quarter Moon Phase

    15 FRI 6:09P to SUN 5:55P Leo Moon
         in a Last Quarter Moon Phase (Balsamic Moon SAT 9:34A)

    17 SUN 9:52P to TUE 10:30P – Virgo Moon
         in a Balsamic Moon Phase (New Moon TUE 10:30P)

    20 WED 3:06A to FRI 6:04A – Libra Moon under a New Moon

    22 FRI 10:40A to SUN 0:33A – Scorpio Moon
         (under the New Moon until SAT 5:48P Crescent Moon)

    24 SUN 9:01P to WED 4:08A – Sagittarius Moon
         in a Crescent Moon Phase

    27 WED 9:24A to FRI 5:14A – Capricorn Moon
          in a Crescent Moon Phase
          (7:55P Capricorn Moon in a First Quarter Moon Phase)

    29 FRI 9:40P to SUN (Oct 1) 8:26P – Aquarius Moon
         in a First Quarter Moon Phase

    SUN Oct 1 8:26P – Aquarius Moon in a Gibbous Moon Phase

    MON 7:26A to WED 0:19A – Pisces Moon in a Gibbous Moon Phase