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Welcome to the ever-expanding awareness of Energy Influences — emphasizing how actions in the sky affect us on Earth, individually and collectively.


THIS NEW MOON CYCLE (September 23-October 23, 2014), begins in the Sign of Libra, the energy of which is opposite the aggressiveness of the Aries Total Lunar Eclipse occurring Oct. 8th.  Mercury Retrograde begins October 4th in the intensely passionate (all or nothing) Sign of Scorpio and doesn’t end until Oct. 25th.  So, the intention we set for this New Moon cycle has added significance – on the one hand, we may strive constantly to balance our own energies with courage and conviction in a spirit of fairness, cooperation, and compromise while, on the other hand, we are more aware of negative projections because of the aggressiveness of the Mars and Pluto Energy Influences, as co-Rulers of Aries and Scorpio, all of which will likely be made even more difficult during the Mercury Retrograde cycle – a time when communications at every level are more frequently misunderstood, if not strained. Awareness has to help us take a deep breath, have a self-confrontation, and otherwise keep things as light as possible, or respond from a spiritually superior approach.  STAY CONSCIOUS!  


The work of Energy Influences is presently to inform those interested in the connection of planets and luminaries to Earth – encouraging “sane living” by honoring the privilege of awareness. Please do not hesitate to contact us  with any questions or personal requests you may have.

Confidential Astrological Readings are based upon my studies and experience which began over 30 years ago, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Astrological Arts & Sciences from Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences; another major in Communications Arts & Sciences from the University of So. California; Certified Astrological Professional (ISAR); NCGR, Level II; and Integrally informed in terms of the tool Astrology is in our daily lives and relationships.

The Inner Guide Meditation is with archetypes in our Inner world who are neutral living aspects of Spirit within us; each appearing in a way our individual egos can experience and understand what they are willing to communicate to us if we ask.  They influence behavior from and projected onto us (read more.)

Watch for release of

Swimming in Your Brain — a Practicum to

The Inner Guide Meditation “

General Energy Influences give us a heads up — an idea of what is coming our way of a positive, challenging, or negative nature (in effect, what is being hurled at us from the cosmos). That knowledge helps us understand the time-sensitive nature of opportunities, feelings, beliefs, positions, points of view, and events. We also learn when to take action for the desired result and when to lay low for our own good and/or for the good of all. At a personal level, all of the following information must be used in conjunction with Personal Transits from our Natal charts. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you on the greatest journey and challenge of our individual lives: the journey into Self. Honoring the privilege of awareness, may you be Star Centered and Moon Linked.